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Mrs Matias

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Please choose your person below


Michael Jackson: Jihad

Annie Oakley: Brianna

John Glenn: Lauren

Sandra Day O’Connor:Jasmine

John F. Kennedy:Michael

Georgia O’Keeffe: Ja'miya

Abraham Lincoln:Erick

Molly Pitcher: Nicole

Jackie Robinson:Effren


Booker T. Washington: Randy

Mary Lou Retton: Ameerah

Norman Rockwell:Louis

Eleanor Roosevelt:Yadira

Theodore Roosevelt:Jacob

Wilma Rudolph: Melissa

Will Rogers: Freddy

Marie Curie: Azusena


Harriet Tubman:Jaeden

Barbara Walters: Samantha

Bessie Coleman:Jayda


Louisa May Alcott:Alexa



You can also look up more information using the sites below.











Mr. Smith's Toolbox  Britannica School Online  Kids GALILEO 



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