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Mrs Chisholm

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Please choose your person below


Buffalo Bill: Daniel

Danica Patrick: Marlee

Barack Obama: Christian

Lucille Ball: Arianna

George Washington Carver: Mario

Coretta Scott King: Olivia

Jesse Owens: Elijah

Michelle Obama: Manar

Benjamin Franklin: Benjamin

Anne Frank: Savanna

Tomochichi: Alexis

Shirley Temple Black: Skylah

The Wright Brothers: Khalil

Dolley Madison: Giselle

Ronald Reagan: Zhaire

Beatrix Potter: Rayna

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Landen

Grace Kelly: Mirra


Madeleine Albright: Ta'Shaun


Coco Chanel: Nadia

Emily Dickinson: Elana

Harriet Beecher Stowe: Rosselin


You can also look up more information using the sites below.











Mr. Smith's Toolbox  Britannica School Online  Kids GALILEO 




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